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Railway motor car of diesel assembling and constructing ADMc

The rail Diesel Car is designed for repair procedures of power contact line as well as for performance of complete assembly of power contact line of railroad sections to be electrified as follows:

  • Unrolling of wires and their lifting to a projected position;
  • Installation of strings, pull-off and push-off pins, other junctions and terminals of the power contact system;
  • Reinforcement of poles with consoles, cantilevers, posts and other structures;
  • Transfer of wires over the top of the contact-line supporting structures to be mounted on the field side;
  • Anchorage of wires to be mounted;
  • Moving of unrolling platform and technological wagon cars and maneuvering operations;
  • Carrying of work teams to the working places.

The rail Diesel Car is a power feed double-axle vehicle. On a front console there is a cabin, on the rear console under the hood a power engine (diesel engine YMZ-238B-14) is to convey the power via the V-belt drive to a 3-phase generator, and through the hydraulic drive and Cardan gear to the axial reducers. Over the top of the cabin, along the whole length of the rail car, there is located an assembly platform with a middle rotary section and with mounting swinging booms on the edges.


Power plant capacity, kW220
Design speed on the site, km/h90
Lifting capacity, max, t:
- own platform1,0
- assembly platform1,0
- swinging boom1,0
- middle (rotary) section of assembly platform0,5
Lifting height from the rail head level, max, m:
- all sections of assembly platform 7,65
- middle (rotary) section of assembly platform9,0
- swinging boom10,0
Radius of operation from the rail track axis, m:
- middle (rotary) section5,50
Overall dimensions of the vehicle, mm:
- length along the automatic coupler axles12960
- width3190
- height4760
- base7000
Hooking-on load on platform, max, t:
- in a train mode (65 km/h)60
- in maneuvering mode (20 km/h)300
Passenger carrying capacity, persons11
Structural weight, t39,0
Railway track gauge, mm1520

At the request of the customer the motor railway car can be completed complex locomotive by the device of safety KLUB-UP.


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