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Railway motor car of diesel and mouting type ADM-1

Railway motor car ADM-1 is designed for:

  • Execute the assembly, repair, salvage and rescue operations on the contact d.c. 3.3 kW and a.c. 27.5 kW railway energized power transmission line;
  • Transport the cargo platforms;
  • Supply power to the consumers under field conditions;
  • Perform the manoeuvring work and transportation of the working teams.

The motor-railway car is the self-propelled biaxial railway motor carriage. The frontbracket is fitted with the crane carrying cabin. The rear bracket is fitted with thepower unit and the assembly area.The load-carrying telescopic crane performs both assembly and disassembly of thecontact power line supports, loading and unloading of different cargoes. Theavailability of the crane cradles allows to perform the assembly, repair and thesalvage operations of the contact power transmission deenergized line on thenearby railway track.


Output of the Power Unit, kW220
Design speed, km/h90+10
Load-carrying capacity of:
- the platform itself, t5
- the crane without extra supports at the radius of crane operation, min/max, t3,2/1,2
the crane with extra rests, tons:
- at the radius of crane operation up to 5,5 m3,2
- at the radius of crane operation up to 8 m2,2
- assembly area, kg500
- assembly crane cradles, kg400
Lifting height from the level of the rails heads top of:
- freight hook, m8,2

- assembly area floor, m


- cradles floor, m

Radius of crane operation (overhang of a beam) from the railway track centre line, m:
- cargo crane hook, m3,4/8,0
- assembly area, m6,9
Overall dimensions of an item, mm:
- distance along the axes of the automatic couplings12950
- width3150
- height5190
- car stiff base7000
Coupling load, t:
- when manoeuvring at the station300
- when moving at the span60
Passenger capacity, persons11
Structural weight, not over, t34500

At the request of the customer the motor railway car can be completed complex locomotive by the device of safety KLUB-UP.


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