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Assembly & construction rail diesel car ADM-1C

ADM-1C is designed for:

  • Carrying out assembly, repair, rescuerestoration procedures on contact- line of power-feed railways in case of absence of voltage in contact power line system;
  • Assembly and disassembly of contact-line system supporting poles;
  • Boring of trenches for installation of Ferro-concrete supporting poles of contact-line system;
  • Loading-unloading procedures;
  • Transportation of various loads on own platform, and also on hooked platforms;
  • Maneuvering operations;
  • Power supply for power Users in field conditions;
  • Carrying of work teams to the work sites.

The rail Diesel Car is a power feed double-axle vehicle. On a front console of the frame, there is a carrier cabin designed for carrying of 11 persons including the engine driver and the assistant engine driver; above the cabin there is an assembly platform, in the middle section, under the frame there is a power plant diesel engine YAMZ-238B-14, in the middle section on the frame there is a drilling unit OBGD0,8 /4.5, and the crane - manipulator HIAB-225 or PALFINGER is mounted on the rear console.


Power plant capacity, kW220
Design speed on the site, km/h100
Technological speed (slow run), km /h 0 5
Lifting capacity max:
- own platform, t2,5
- work platform500
- telescopic tower200
Lifting height from the rail head level, max, m:
- work platform6,75
- telescopic tower7,95
Radius of operation from the rail track axis, m
- from work platform3,53
- from platform axis to telescopic tower axis, min5,4
Drilling equipment:
- diameter of trench drilled with (detachable drills) min /max, m0,4/0,8
- depth of trench drilled from the level of rail head top, min, m4,5
- drill radius of operation from the track axis min /max, m3,0/5,5
Overall dimensions of the vehicle, mm:
- length along the automatic coupler axles13145
- width3320
- height5250
- base7000
Hooking-on load on platform, max, KN:3000
Passenger carrying capacity, persons11
Structural weight, t35,0
Railway track gauge, mm1520


Lifting capacity With additional supports at min/max radius of operation:
- HIAB-22511,0/1,98
- PALFINGER8,2/2,73
Lifting height from the rail head level, max, m:
- HIAB-22512,5
Radius of operation from the cargo hook run axis, min /max, m:
- HIAB-2251,9/10,5
- PALFINGER2,7/8,1

At the request of the customer the motor railway car can be completed complex locomotive by the device of safety KLUB-UP.


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