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Loading & transportation rail car MPT-6

Rail car MPT-6 is designed for:

  • Freight loading, discharging and transportation on own flat-car;
  • Freight transportation on trailed flat-cars;
  • Longitudinal freight transportation, inclusive of rails 25 meters long, both on own and trailed flat-cars;
  • Transportation of working brigades to the worksite;
  • Performance of shunting works at station roads;
  • Performance of welding works in the field;
  • Snow removal off the railroads;
  • 380/220 V, 50 Hz electric power supply to the consumers, inclusive of site lighting in the field conditions;
  • 8 ATM air supply to the consumers;
  • Usage as a primary vehicle being integral part of the complex engaged in current road maintenance;
  • Freight winch dragging from outside to the operating site of the crane and coupled machinery and equipment.

The rail car is defined as self-propelled double axis vehicle. Front console involves carrying cabin with freight boom crane located at the top; diesel engine YMZ-238B-14 situated beneath the frame in the middle section. Diesel engine power is transmitted via the cardan shafts, reduction gear box to the hydraulic pumps, compressor, hydraulic transmission GP-300(or GMP-300), passing further via the latter to the axial reduction gear boxes of wheel couples and three phase generator.


Power unit capacity, kW220
Maximum coupling on site load, kN4000
Design on site velocity, kmph100+10
Engineering velocity, kmphот 0 до 10
Own car rated load capacity, t:
- own car rated load capacity (MPT-6 isp.3)12 (11)
Maximum crane lifting capacity, t:
- with extra supports at overhang2,0
- maximum 1,8-3m6,3
- without extra supports at overhang, max/min0,9/5,0
- lifting height of freight hook from the upper level of rail heads, m4,0
Dragging unit:
- on – hook force, kg600
- road axis distance, m30
Rail car dimensions, mm:
- automatic couplings axial length12950
- width (for 1520 mm Railroad gage)3320
- height (for 1520 mm Railroad gage)5280
- base7000
Maximum design weight, t28,5
Railroad gage, mm1520 (1435)

At the request of the customer the motor-car can be completed complex locomotive by the device of safety KLUB-UP.


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