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Наш партнер - компания HIAB - о сотрудничестве с Тихорецким машиностроительным заводом им. В.В.Воровского, сентябрь 2005.

Оригинальный текст статьи "HIAB on the track" ("HIAB на рельсах") на английском языке. Опубликовано в корпоративном журнале "Method" компании HIAB, сентябрь 2005.

Russian plant JSC Tihoreckiy Mashinostroitelniy Zavod Imeni Vorovskogo has 50 years of experience in manufacturing track machines for the construction, repair and maintenance of railways. Now the company is moving towards the global market where the demand for its high-quality equipment is increasing quickly.

JSC Tihoreckiy Mashinostroitelniy Zavod Imeni Vorovskogo (the Vorovsky machine plant in the city of Tihoreck) has been manufacturing track machines for the construction, repair and maintenance of railways for almost 50 years. The equipment this Russian plant manufactures has obtained good reviews not only in its home country but also in CIS countries, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia: it is reliable, has a long working life, is easy to maintain, and very economical to use.

Since 1999 the company has been cooperating with the Russian representative office of HIAB. Railcars and platforms with loader cranes produced by HIAB are in high demand by railway companies with high product requirements. ”The fact that HIAB loader cranes are known around the world, is a confirmation of their reliability, high quality and broad functionalities”, states Mr. Sergey Konovalov, Chief Designer at Tihoreckiy Mashinostroitelniy Zavod.

Quality and functionality are most important. The designers in Tihoreck have managed to defend their positions on the traditional markets and now they are actively moving towards the global market. Track machines equipped with HIAB loader cranes are purchased mainly by foreign companies, although the first HIAB loader crane Tihoreckiy Mashinostroitelniy Zavod bought in 1999 was used to equip the plant’s own railcar, which is still in operation at the Mitischi station of the Oktyabrskaya railway.

A loader crane with a reach of more than 14 metres from the axis of the track is a highly appreciated feature in the competitive market. Contrary to other suppliers, HIAB fulfilled all concluded agreements. Currently, Tihoreckiy Mashinostroitelniy Zavod installs about 4–5 types of HIAB loader cranes onto track machines and platforms. ”The loading capacity of the cranes varies from 8.8 to 30 t/m, and they are delivered fully adjusted with pumps, fastening elements (stud bolts, nuts), gaskets, etc. In addition, HIAB experts train our plant designers, which allows for a reliable operation of the loader cranes onto the track machines,” says Mr. Vladimir Glotov, Chief of the company’s Marketing Department. Training courses are provided annually and the participants are informed in detail on the methods of calculations required for installing different cranes.

Mr. Glotov believes strongly in the future: ”Russian customers will recognize that in the long term it does not pay to save on the quality and functionalities of equipment. When they recognize that, the production of railcars and platforms equipped with HIAB loader cranes will increase.”

(Method magazine 3 / 2005 - 30.09.2005, HIAB)

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